NAV Outlook Handling


I have a requirement that I have to automate the functionality on NAV which will see the incoming email in the Outlook and it will then keep record of that in specified table.

Beside that I have to save the attachments in specified Directory…

Can anyone suggest me is there any way to begin this task…

What version of NAV? If it is 2013, you might want to look at this

No Please,

I am using Dynamics NAV 2009 Classic Client with sql server option

Hi Tularam,

you might want to check this video

We have developed an e-mail import function that enables a user to import e-mails from Outllook in NAV
NAV tries to find a contact, Job or Purchase Order based on the subject or e-mail address.
Attachments are stored as separate documents in a document Library.
It works for all NAV version
For factsheet, check out website: