NAV on Terminal Server for users with different nationality

Hello Everyone,

We would like to set up one Citrix/Terminal Server to serve our remote Dynamics NAV users.

We defined our requirements as the following:

  • Every user have to connect to this Terminal Server

  • Users have to have individual language preferences (client language, OS language)

  • Users have to connect to different NAV servers

So for example when a russian user connects to the Terminal Server, he has to have russian OS and russian NAV client and have to connect to the proper server.

Is this a possible sollution?

Hello Everyone,

Because I haven’t got any comments on this post I will share the info I found about it. :slight_smile:

So in one sentence: it is not possible.

It is not possible, because the different SQL collation and codepage settings are not compatible. When the NAV client tries to connect to a database, it matches the local machines language settings and the SQL settings. If they don’t match, then refuses the connection to protect the data from illegal input. The NAV gets the local language data from the “Language settings for non-Unicode programs” setting. This is a global settings, so it is applied for every user and cannot be defined on a per-user basis. If someone wants to change it, then he needs to restart his computer to take effect.

In terminal environment it means that twos user using not compatible codepages (for example Hungarian 1250 and Russian 1251) cannot use the same terminal server, because they share the same language settings which is not compatible with one of the databases.

My actual sollution is to set up individual terminal servers for every incompatible codepage (actually by virtualize 2 Win2k8 Terminal Server into a Win2k8 Hyper-V Server).

I have been following this thread. Navision uses default language for non Unicode for connecting to server, and has far I know in Terminal services you can’t configure that per user.

Since I didn’t wanted to answer that you should use several TS environments to accomplish that, I preferred that another members had a possible solution. I think in TS 2008 is solved that issue but I can’t confirm.