NAV Objects Update - Use with old Client?


if I open a NAV4 database with a NAV5 client, it asks me to convert the objects. After the conversion, I can open the database with a V5 client. But I can still open the “converted” database with the “old” V4 client.

Question: Are there any problems in still using the old V4 client with the converted database, or do I absolutely have to replace all clients?

Thanks for your feedback. Markus.

Opening database of one version from different version is wrong in the first place.


This should be impossible.

Once there was a problem in 4.??? Version that allows you to use mixed 4.0 SP versions. Was far I know is impossible to open a version 5 database in a 4 version database.

Version 5 database cannot be open on Version 4 check if you realy converted or you are still using Version 4 database.

First of all are you talking SQL or Native database ?

On the native database the client will convert the database but the convertion is not committed until you post a transaction.

Did you check the version of the database with help → about… ?