NAV Native or MS SQL Server Database??

Hi, Our customer generates max. of 2 MB data per day (current size is 10 GB approx) and have 10 concurrent users - single location. In this scenario which database option would be better (in term of performance)? Please suggest. Thanks…


Well, I think that a native C/SIDE Server should be able to deal with this expected transaction volume. But of course it depends on the transactions which will be performed … And the question is, what kind of “performace” you/your customers require!

Of course, SQL Server could process transactions much faster, it provides a higher degree of parallelism/concurrency, etc. - but this requires a different kind of hardware for the Server; the costs for it - and the administration - are higher than with “native”.

But besides all this you should also consider the features which are provided: SQL Server is a “High Tec” Server providing all kinds of state-of-the-art features for integration, communication, automatization, etc. - “C/SIDE” is “Low Tec” so its capabilities are somewhat limited.

And - last but not least: The native Server is politically “sentenced to death”. MS is not really interessted in maintaining proprietary databases, of course, MS promotes and focuses on SQL Server! So it’s just a matter of time when the “native” C/SIDE Server will vanish …

Finally: Even without knowing the details, it could be estimated that a native C/SIDE Server could be sufficient for your scenario. SQL Server provides better perfromance, features & much more - but its requirements (hardware, optimization, administration, etc.) are different and more expensive.

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This questions demands a counter question, not an answer.

My question is: What made you ask this question? Is it performance problems?

Questions from customers like these do not come when the system is running perfect.