NAV - MOSS Integration

Hi guys!

Anyone of you already tryed to combine NAV with MOSS? In detail … access data from NAV with the help of MOSS by using XMLPorts or Record links?

Would be very nice if you could provide me some helping material, if you are already experienced with this topic.

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Employee Portal?

have to google the functionality of employee portal

but is it possible to view and edit navision data via sharepoint?

e.g. add a new customer?

Yes you can, The only problem is related to VALIDATE event. I guess you should try it first and see if it fits your needs.

Employee Portal is the Sharepoint client for NAV, it should be on your product CD. Read the material though, because there are severe limitations. There is only a limited set of webparts, and MS has not provided with a way to build your own. The next version of NAV (due out end of this year) will have much more robust integration with Sharepoint.

Next version of Navision and SharePoint integration is a completely new version. I already tried during a few hours I can said that most problems were solved.

the problem is, i have to find a solution until summer. so no time to wait for the release of the new version :frowning:

is there any kind of tutorial how to work with employee portal? or how to find other solutions? :wink:

Give remote users Citrix, and tell your customer to wait. Employee Portal is an ‘immature application’, and I am being kind here. Its functionality is very limited. Your partner should have access to some parketing material for you to read about it.

Besically, there are three types of webparts:

1 - non-editable list, with NO access to any functions. Just a list to see records in a table.
2 - Card for master records. This does have simple insert/edit capabilities, but only for the master record itself, intended for simple master record maintenance
2 - Header/Line, for simple sales order entry with very few lines per order. I’ve tested it and got different results than entering the same sales order inside a NAV client

EP in its current form is severely inadequate for any real data entry.

MS has not exposed any API or anything, and as far as I know you only get the compiled components, so there’s really no supported way to tap into the webparts. I don’t like EP because you get different results when entering the same order in EP and inside a NAV client, probably because the fields are validated differently.

I do have to admit that I have not tested the 5.0 version, so they may have addressed this. Still though, you don’t want to make any major investment (it WILL be a major investment) building your own Sharepoint interface, when MS is coming out with one before the end of this year.