NAV modify command

Can someone please convert this statement into NAV A/CL code?

update [2005102010].[dbo].[2005102010$Production BOM Line]


[No_] = ‘R0031’


[Production BOM No_] = ‘D0002’ and [No_] = ‘R0029’

The problem with updating in SQL is, it is not validating the production bom line table with the relevant cost and description for No. field which i am updating.

Please advice.


Hi Imran,

basically it would not be enough to just find the conserining Prod. BOM Lines and validate the new Item No., you could get into trouble when the related Prod. BOM Header is certified. The standard (at least in the german database) has a report to accomplish what you’re trying to do:

Report 99001043 Exchange Production BOM Item

look for it via Object Designer and see if this helps.