NAV Lookup Problem

Hi Guys,

I have created a Item No. Lookup on my form, my problem is whenever i try to filter the number within a range first i lookup the first number example 1001 and then i will add the range key to the number like this 1001… and then i will lookup for another item no. 1005. My textbox field will clear its previous value which is 1001… and will only retain 1005. How do i make i 1001…1005 without manually typing it?


Because it is not a flow filter…

how do i make it a flowfilter? sorry i am new to navision

Set FieldClass to flow Filter…

I hope it is not a standard field…

it is a standard field? i am looking up on items table, what would be the effect if i change it to flowfilter?

i tried to change it to flowfilter, but the system prompts that it cannot create a flowfilter when the field is a primary key. can you just suggest another resolution to my problem without changing the field to flowfilter is it possible?

Which form you are talking about?

did you add Item No. field to that table or it is already there in that table?

i created my own form and in that form i have a field with a variable as a source. when you click the button it will show the the item lookup, getting the data from the standard item table.

You can add a new field (flow filter)Item No with table relation Item in source table of your form and try

Hi Pamela,

You should also set the ClearOnLookup-property of the control in your form to No.
By defalut this property is set to yes, wich will cause the control to be cleared when you do a lookup.

Hi Pamela,

If its Classic Client Form you just need to click on the item no. field in the item list press F7 on the first item no. select 1001 and type … and again go into the lookup and select another item 1005, the filter will remain and you get the selection as 1001…1005.

i have the same problem