Nav Log Entries

Hi, Can anyone tell me if you can delete the change log entries and if so how?


Check report 510 - Change Log - Delete

You can use Report 510 Change log Delete for deleting the change log record.

This will not harm your database but it will released some space.


We have been left in the dark quite a bit by our consultants, where do I find Report 510 and how do I utilise it?



You can find it under

Administration–>IT Administration–>Data Deletion

Or If you have permission then you can find it directly in Object designer?

Did you ever worked on NAV before?

Thanks for that Mohana,[:)]

I have only been working with Nav for 6 months and we have in the past relied heavily upon our consultants, who don’'t tell us much they just fix things at a cost.

I love knowing the ins and outs of products I use, so I’m keen to learn it inside and out, I will do as you suggested as I have permission rights.

Regards, Anjie