Nav License

Hi all.

i am currently using Nav 13 in my company and we have purchased a developer license for the same, but somebody from our team gave the license file to a juniour level member.

can you please suggest that how can i bar anyone else except from me to use that license in development environment. nobody should be able to open any cal code whether it is a report, table , query anything.

In order to use the Licensefile it has to be installed - So it is a matter of permissions.

Your Junior Level member (whatever that is) should simple not be a SUPER user…

You can work on Roles and Permission side to give him a permission based executable objects but you can not hold on someone in applying a license file if they have access to development environment.

To me that’s very clear. Installing and using a developer license in the production environment is not allowed. Especially not by a junior employee. No matter if they have SUPER permissions or not (which most junior/support people also have).

it would be similar to him/her taking a drive in the owners car, just because the key was laying around.

First time a warning, next time good bye!

But when that has been said, then don’t give SUPER permissions to anyone, who does not know what responsibility comes with it. And sadly, then I see this way too often.

Can’t we remove the junior developer from sysadmin role or db owner in SQL?

Of course remove him/her from the sysadmin role [emoticon:a00994d4597d4c71a4853cfa45c75472] - no junior should generally have that.

Removing the JD from the DBowner role prevents editing tables.

Depending on why the JD needs access to production, then you could create a custom permission set, which gives a more designed access. I.e. without permission to edit the object table. I did it once, where we needed to prevent users from creating FBK backups.