NAV License

Dear all,

What is the meaning and Defination of the Granule IDs which are present in the Partner License ?? Some of them given bellow . Please reply.

Granule ID Name Amount Expires

1010 Foundation Layer 1

1100 Company 2

1140 Company -unlimited 1

1150 Subsidiary / each 1

1200 Session 1

1400 User IDs & Password 1

1410 Permission 1

2010 Server - Microsoft SQL Server Option 1

8200 Application Objects - Tables (10) 1

8600 Application Objects - Codeunits (100) 1

Maximum No. of Sessions

Total… : 4

Any… :3

Application Server… :1

Maximum No. Of Satellites… :0

Maximum No. of Server

Total… :2

Any… :0

Windows NT… :1

Maximim Database Size… :65,536

Maximum No. of Comoanies… : 20,000,002

Custom Area Objects.

Purchased Tables… : 20

Purchased Forms… : 100

What no. of Tables(custome) they can access thru their License ?

Which granule are you asking about and what question are you asking about it?

I have mentioned already. And What no. of Tables(custome) they can access thru their License ?


Purchased Tables… : 20

So the answer is 20.


You can find some fob for licence file’s analysis on in download section. May be those file/ report that will answer your query.

Hi Subrata,

It is very strange to have assigned objects on a partner license. To see what these are you can examine the text file which is send with the license file. The fob that Raj is referring to (I think) is available on DUG here

Should know it’s one of ours [:D]

AND - in PartnerSource (were PriceLists sit) there also is a document explaining each & every granule, even discontionued, replaced, etc. etc.