NAV license issue

  1. Can anyone tel me how many report objects include in NAV 2009 default license (in range of >50000)?

  2. Does it include 100 customized reports (50000-50099 range)?

Welcome to DUG

What do you mean by default license? Cronus License?

No .

I mean when we purchase the product without any additional objects.

It is ranging between 50000-50009… Not more than that.

I dont think you will get anything free so you need to buy the tables/forms/reports from Microsoft…and partner will assign the ID’s for those objects

In my license i didn’t purchased any extra reports. The license doesn’t shows that it has any.

but I can run reports in range of 50000 to 50099.

Later I purchased extra 100 reports but still it works only to 50000 to 50099, 50100 doesn’t run. The license shows I have 100 reports.

You need to contact your partner to update the license and add the ID range to License…

Please tell me how do I add the ID range to the license?

Your partner would need to assign the object numbers in your license. They can do it through partnersource.

Tell your partner that you would like to buy pack of objects which include report,forms,tables so they will place an order with MS and provide you the new license which includes your new objects … Once that license is uploaded in your database then you can use those new objects for creation of reports,forms etc.

OK. Thank You all for the help given. [Y]