Nav is not running when installed

Hi there,

We install NAV to new employees. In one particular instance, we couldn’t make NAV work. We tried to check everything, and all files, etc seems to be the same as all the other files from the computers of employees where NAV works.Whenever we launch NAV, we get this error message:

“You do not have permission to run the ‘MBS’ menusuite. Contact the system manager if you need to have permission changed.”

We don’t know where to make the changes to make NAV work. Any help or ideas, please let us know and willing to try.

Thanks again,


IT seems to be a permission issue. What roles does the user have assigned ? It might not have enough or any ?


The user should only access the transactions that creates budget for a specific area. There are others like him (though in different areas) that are able to access or launch NAV, so the person giving the roles doesn’t think it’s the problem. Should we test giving him lots of access and just see if he is able to run/launch NAV to see if it’s just the roles?

I know I can just say let’s do it, but since I have to ask a higher up to do this, makes me want to make sure first it is worth trying specially when others are supposed to have the same roles in a different area.

Thanks so much.


Well , honestly I am not sure I can Guess this .

You should check the same computer with different user , just to see if its a computer thing . I dont think so .

If it works then ask the admin to clarify.