NAV integration with CRM


We are NAV partners and have a NAV based vertical solution which we are looking to integrate with CRM. There are 3 potential levels of integration we are looking at:

Level 1. Basic - take a CRM opportunity and:

a.) most of the time - make that contact a VENDOR in NAV (i know that does not sound correct - but in this vertical - when this type of ‘sale’ is made - an AP transaction for this and future similar transactions are the result, and not the traditional AR transactions…


b.) when we sell them other products in the traditional sense - they would then have a regular customer record with the resultant AR transaction).

Level 2. Inquiry with the possibility of data movement between NAV and CRM - inquire from CRM into NAV for certain information re Vendor activity, inventory activity, production order (lot) status, etc with the possibility for utilizing some of the queried information within CRM…

Level 3. more complete integration with the ability to generate/enter (from within CRM) NAV transactional data.

Any thoughts, suggestions from anyone who as done this type of integration would be welcomed.