Nav.Fin. 2.01A and C/ODBC

Questions concerning Navision Financials 2.01A – C/ODBC Can specific SQL-functions be used? e.g. datepart, substring, concatenate, sign, locate etc. If possible, I am also interested in the syntax. Can outer-joins be defined in C/ODBC? e.g. when I want to retrieve all records from a Table which are joined by a Field to another table but some records have a non-value in this particular field. The results are only the records based on the fields having a value. Concerning Flowfilters: a. can flowfilters be joined with a table? b.can the value of a flowfilter be shown in the result (select) c. can datefunctions be used in datefilters (e.g. ‘H’, ‘LM-1W’) Thanks Frans