NAV Exam Q&A-s

Hy everybody,

I’m planning to take the Trade&Inventory 4.0 exam next week and some q&a-s would be very useful to prepare. Could anyone help me out? My company doesn’t finance my qualification at all, so all I have is only the training material for v3.7, but I think it is not enough.

Please HELP!

Thanks in advance.

Hi kristof,

we all want to pass exams, but the key to passing is to learn Navision. It may seem great to pass the exam, but really if you want a solid Navision career, passing by using cheat notes is just not going to cut it.

Please read my blog about this:

I am sure that your intention is not to cheat, but its how it comes off. Think how Navision end users will feel if they know that their developemnt team passed the exams just by getting copies of the questions and answers. Yes there are a ton of sites out there that offer the actual test questions and answers, but I personally am against this.

if you want to learn, and if you have questions, ask them here, and we will do everything we can to help you learn navision so that you can then pass the exams.

I agree, use the 3.70 materials you have.
I logic and principle will still be the same.
Just make sure you read the scenarios used in the example companies:
Ex: Video store wants to create an invoice… What would you recommend…

Even though the names will change or process, still the logic will need to follow.

Your company (Nameless) should invest on internal training materials. This is my personal 2 cents.
The most powerful tool any company has is the investment it has in the staff it keeps educating. The company is reap the benefits making you and the company look good when you aquire the skills.

If they don’t pay for the exam. Let them pay for the time you need to invest in the office.

Remember the old saying: penny wise, pound foolish. (I don’t care what part of the world your at, the company that is penny wise and pound foolish, sooner or later will lose an account and a gifted employee. So study hard and pass, you will be richer in many ways.

After all, they are going to benefit with you and your license!