nav error


i am getting error-

the shifting table does not exist. Identification fields and values:


when trying to insert into purchase line table from a form. suggest a soln. please

have you customized this?

have you created new table shifting?

Check with Debugger. where it is giving error

ya i created a new table shifting with fields

PONo.,LineNo.,No. No. is auto increment

B.SETRANGE(B.“Document No.”,“PONo.”);
B.SETRANGE(B.“Line No.”,“LineNo.”);

IF B.FIND(’-’) THEN REPEAT —this line is giving error while debugging

May not be that line…

Can you us the full code…

What is the Primary Key of table?

First, you need to name your variables properly. How could anyone looking at your code know that the variable B refers to that specific table?

That error message comes from a GET statement. FIND would say something like there are no records within the filter. GET statements say that the record does not exist. Step through the debugger line by line and you should be able to find the problem.

That same message also shows up when you do a MODIFY on a record that doesn’t exist.

Good call. I think it would also show up with a DELETE.