NAV Dev. Toolkit

Is it worth paying $8,000 for the dev. tool kit? I understand it may speed up some dev. tasks, however, I have never seen this and not sure if it’s worth the price, can someone tell me what makes this tool kit so expensive and give me examples of the most valuable features? We are using NAV2009 Classic and plan on upgrading to NAV2009 SP1 and then to the RTC. THanks.

hi carlos,

First of all welcome on aboard:)

We use NAV 2009 SP1 and i fwas told that this is highly integtated than the previous ones,i find creation of objects are easier and user friendly. RTC has so many many features that makes coding and creation and storing flexible. But i would be frank in saying that i have absolutely no first hand experience with NAV 2009! but i work in NAV 2009 SP1 ! and find it rocking[:)]

now you decided whether its worth the money.

Hope this helps!


you can download Dev.Tool kit for free of cost from the Partner source.if you are not a partner then you cannot download.and for upgradation it ill not take $8000 before going to upgrade check the following.

1.No Of modified objects in your database

“”" $8000 it seems to be costly “”".

Better way you contact 2 or more Navision Development company and hand over the project each of them give you estimation to upgrade to Navision 2009SP1.Based on the estimation you can take decesion.Kindly click the below link is one of the best Navision Development company in India

or just send your contact number and mail ID to


Jerome Marshal.J


Jerome Marshal.J

Hi Carlos,

Is it worth paying $1000000 to buy your own airplane when you have to go to Europe? Or is it better just to get a ticket from one of the existing airlines?
If you are flying every day then it might be worth it, but if it’s something you do once per year, then most likely not.

The same goes in regards to the development toolkit. If you are an end user and “just” plan to upgrade your own solution then it might not be worth it.

You also have to consider that you like you need a certificate to fly a plane, then you need training to use the development toolkit. And my experience says you will need a lot of training just to use the tool. Also remember that you will ALSO need the full development license, which costs a lot more than $8,000.

And when that has been said, then I would still never recommend you to do this yourself. Even with dev. toolkit then I would never recommend anyone to do their own upgrade. And upgrading RTC doesn’t really make it easier.

Upgrading NAV is a complex operation and it’s much more than “just” using a technical tool. Even though I personally have done lots of upgrades, then it’s never going to be only routine. Not even with developers toolkit.

And when that all has been said, then I would recommend instead of Development toolkit - and Mergetool is free! But it doesn’t change the fact that I think you should not try to do your own upgrade!

Hi Carlos,

I totally agree with Erik that MergeTool is a better tool for upgrade than NDT. I have recently upgraded a database from NAV2009 to 2009 SP1 and used MergeTool for that.

Thanks to all of you for your insightfull and quick replies, I appreciate this.

Well, in my question I should have mentioned that I’m also an in-house NAV developer with some experience and will be going to several classes of training to become certified, I was not only thinking to use this tool for upgrades but for several customization projects in the next couple of years.

I was not aware that you would also require a full dev. license to use this, our soulution center did not mention this when they gave us the qoute on this.

Also, I see there is a link to download a dev. tool kit, how is this one diff. from the one you have to pay for?