nav debugging tutorial

i am looking for a tutorial/ material/ training about debugging the nav code… which should include all the tools available in nav in this regard like client monitor, code coverage and breakpoint.

this from point of view of developer and not for any exam.

What problems are you having? What have you tried? What did the senior developers in your company say when you asked them?

its not about specific problems…rather its about learning debugging in navision. i am looking at systematic study of debugging. navision programming training doesnot have much of this.

The new NAV2009 C/SIDE development training material has a whole chapter about the debugger.

And what about the info on msdn: Debugging with Microsoft Dynamics NAV Debugger?


I didn’t notice that these are in public part - being a MCP I always log in there, and it is difficult to say afterwards, what is available public, what - for MSDN subscribers and what for different other people with some acquired qualifications or bought memberships…

Another thing that I have learned browsing MS sites - if you don’t bookmark, you will spend ages to find something again, and even that doesn’t help, as in a year or so MS redesigns sites, and your bookmarks are no more valid… [:(]


Thanx for sharing that info.