NAV client - user setting (randomly change) - ledger entries & invoice template

Hi all,

My query is in regard to the “ledger entries” for both Vendor and Customers & invoice template
I’m finding the settings I previously had to view this transaction history, ie: chronologically by posting date (entry number), revert to another sort criteria such as document type. This hasn’t been an issue for me for the 3 years we’ve been running Navision. It is has only really been noticeable in the past couple of weeks.Although it’s not difficult to change the sorting it has become frustrating as it is now quite regular. I assumed that such user settings would be retained as occurs with the column headings in Navision’s various journals for example.
Also, one of the PC (running NAV 5 SP1), has lost its invoice template for no reason. I have to re-compile the template form manually again under different login for few times to fix it. I assume invoice template is stored in the server and NAV client just reading it from the server??? I also has replaced the zup file, but did not work.
I know that ZUP file is keeping “user NAV profile” Is there any other i’m missing?
Any suggestions?

Thank you

The ZUP file has been a headache to most users at some point in time. Normally the best advise is to delete it, as it might simply have become corrupted.