Nav client stopped working Error when copying data from Inventory Analysis Matrix

Dear Experts,

One of my clients reported this issue in NAV 2013 Build 35488. They are trying to copy data from Inventory Analysis Matrix (Page 9201) and they run into Nav client stopped working dialog box.

Even when we try to look the data by pressing PgDn or down arrow key, then also we run into the same dialog, Nav client stopped working.

Details of steps performed by user:

They use the “Edit Analysis Report” action from ‘Analysis Report Inventory’ Page and then they click on Show Matrix. Now they apply a date filter on Inventory Analysis Matrix and when they hit Ctrl+Shift+C, The very moment a dialog pops up saying Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client has stopped working.

I have looked through Analysis Line Table. The data is around 2K records. Any advise please.


Have you tried debugging ?


Yes. Debugger is not catching the error.

I mean Visual Studio …

Thanks Faludigabor! After debugging I have found that the data consists of a Value (for “Item No.” field in this case) which consists of brackets ‘( )’ . And somewhere in the code this Value was applied as a filter on a FlowFilter Field which is causing NAV to close abruptly.

I tried to replicate this on Item list by applying filter on “Location Filter” of a Location Code with brackets in its Name. I got the same error which I got while debugging.

As per my analysis, I have found that we can not apply filter of a value with special characters to a FlowFilter field.

I got the below error:

The filter “Delhi (IN)” is not valid for the Location Filter field on the Item table. Did not expect a ‘(’.

Thanks again! [:)]