NAV Business Notification Server - Error


Installed and set up Navision Business Notification Server and client on same machine [XP os].

No event or email has been generated. Found following in application log. Application Log: MessageBusAgent- Connection property BN_PublishRetryTime_0 has not been set!



Hi Chris, For some reason Business Notification installation insert the two rows required for BNM to function properly. Though I have not managed to get BNM to send message, at least I know what you are talking about. Look at table 9801 “Property Store”, add the following values: Key, Value ----------------------- BN_MessageBusUrl_0, http:\\<<yourservername>>\BusinessNotificationMessageBus BN_PublishRetryTime_0, 100 Remember to switch BNM on as well from: Administration, Application Setup, General, Business Notification Setup.

I have tried to set up my own notification as per documentation from the help files (Customer Blocked), but unfortunately did not work: [:(!] (probably missing a step somewhere [:I] ) The description for Event ID ( 0 ) in Source ( DeploymentServer ) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. You may be able to use the /AUXSOURCE= flag to retrieve this description; see Help and Support for details. The following information is part of the event: Deployer 'Microsoft.BusinessSolutions.BusinessNotification.NotificationService.NotificationServiceDeployer' failed to rollback! Exception: System.InvalidOperationException Cannot start service NS$BusinessNotificationInstance on computer '.'. at System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController.Start(String[] args) at System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController.Start() at Microsoft.BusinessSolutions.BusinessNotification.NotificationService.NotificationServiceDeployer.StartNS() at Microsoft.BusinessSolutions.BusinessNotification.NotificationService.NotificationServiceDeployer.Rollback(IDeployTransactionContext transactionContext) at Microsoft.BusinessSolutions.BusinessNotification.Deployment.DeploymentController.Rollback() ---------------------------------------- Inner Exception ---------------------------------------- System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception The system cannot find the file specified Does anybody have some more documentation regarding BNM? Hopefully I will get this up and running properly in the near future… Regards, Gus


Look at table 9801 “Property Store”, add the following values: Key, Value ----------------------- BN_MessageBusUrl_0, http:\\<<yourservername>>\BusinessNotificationMessageBus BN_PublishRetryTime_0, 100

Where did you find this information? I couldn’t find it anywhere.

When I tried to switch on BNM: Administration, Application Setup, General, Business Notification Setup. I got an error that said that BNM was not installed, so I debugged the code up to… Cdu8000 “Business Notification Mgt.” There is a function called CheckPropertyStore(). PropertyStore.SETFILTER(Key, 'BN_MessageBusUrl_0|BN_PublishRetryTime_0'); From there I guessed what the URL and the TIME should be. [;)] Did not find any documentation regarding this though, and not sure what application should write to the database. Or where you do the setup from. But still don’t have it up and running on my own Scheme yet. [V] Vriendelijke groeten, Gus

If you look into event log, there is error for the service that say

Could not write configuration to Navision.
Could not start Navision Application Server.
   at Microsoft.BusinessSolutions.MBN.VIP.AttainDataProvider.AttainPsychicalConnection.Open()
   at Microsoft.BusinessSolutions.MBN.VIP.AttainDataProvider.AttainConnection.Open()

It means, that the service on start write the data into Navision… but there is problem that I don’t know why the service is not starting…

Solved - I refreshed my developer licence from Microsoft and now it is OK. Some new granule is needed for Notification Server to be running… After starting the server, all needed property was written into Navision table and I only check the checkbox and all is working good… :slight_smile:

Hi, I install a test plateform to use MBN but all is working fine but i don t receive any email! help


Hi, I install a test plateform to use MBN but all is working fine but i don t receive any email! help
Originally posted by sblot94 - 2005 Mar 14 : 13:13:53

Have you subscribed the notification?

Hi stephane, I have the same problem since November 2004. (Everything works, but not sending mail.) Next week I will give the next training with BN Navision, so I spent once more some time to find the problem, but I can’t. Everything works, but not sending mail. I am not sure, but I think it is a development problem between Navision and Notification Service beacause create the messages seems to work! (Table MessageStore on SQL Server) I stay in contact with Microsoft about this. Should I get new information I will tell you here.

I ask you again: Have you subscribed the channel for the message? If no, you will not get any mail. Look at WWW pages http://server/BusinessNotificationSubscribe/ where server is the PC where is the BN server installed…

Hi, Kamel, sure we have subscribed … The only machine that I have seen that it was working was the webcast of Microsoft! It sounds like that BN is working on your machine ? Is it? Kind regards, Rene

Yes, it is… do not forget to configure the MS SQL to be able to send e-mails… (run under user with profile and configured Outlook profile) - look into ent. manager - Support services - SQL Mail - Properties. Try test it with the test button…

Hello all, i found my problem, you must use the same language for sql server and notification service i installed a german sql server and now i saw that there is an own notification service for this language. the problem is, it is possible to install english notification service with german sql server… so be careful if you do the download now bn works perfect. i tried 3 times installation once again. it worked every time sqlmail is not necessary for sending emails. my image works without sql mail However, thank you very much for you try to help kind regards, rene

I now have BN working. You need to watch out for the entries in table 9801. if they are slightly wrong you will not be told in Navision, the syptom is no e-mails. I Used the following settings (“aserver” is your server name): Key Value Encoded BN_MessageBusUrl_0 http://aserver/BusinessNotificationMessageBus/MessageBusService.asmx No BN_PublishRetryTime_0 100 No You can track for errors by Stopping the Default Website in IIS and the NS$BusinessNotificationInstance service. You can then see the messages generated from Navision were in the IsolatedStorage: Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\IsolatedStorage + some other folders. I then started the Default Web Site in IIS. Then I verified that the messages are in SQL - Databases - BusinessNotification - Tables - MessageStore table. When found OK, I turned on the NS$BusinessNotificationInstance service. Then verified that the messages are picked up and placed in the transmissionLog table in SQL. Last I checked that sent messages were visible in the Event Viewer - Business Notification. Bingo!

Hi All, Can anyone tell me how to subscribe .I am stuck on the subscription bit Thanks, Tarun

You must connect to the www pages http:///BusinessNotificationSubscribe/ where is name of the server, where you installed the Notification server… (the IIS must be installed on the server)