NAV backup to be restored in a new build number

Dear All,

I have a backup which doesn’t open in the NAV 2009 R2 so i checked the build in which this database is compatible and i found that it will run only on NAV build 32942. where can i get this build? and how do i run this back up from this build number? can i get the source from where i can download this build of NAV?

Thanks in advance,


Hi, you can download the files related to build no. 32942 from this KB:;en-us;2644177

Copy/paste your current installation in a new one (if you want to keep both builds) and then replace the files included in the KB: after restoring the database, the first time you’ll open you will be asked to convert the database. Finished the conversion process will be possible to open the db with the appropriate build.

Thank you so much for your valualbe suggestions. Yes, i have downloaded this build from customer source and fixed my solution for my client.