NAV and xp_ndo_enumusergroups and xp_ndo_enumuserids

I am having some odd problems with the stored procedures. Oddly I have NEVER had a problem with either of these before, and now I have two machines that won’t work. Whats worse is the machines and how they got where they are are completely different, yet both give the typical:

And on a third machine all works fine. (the third is my XP laptop)

1/ The machine is a Win2003 32 server. SQL 32 Standard edition. All was working fine this morning. The machine is just a desktop computer set up for playing. DID NOT have NAV installed. I had manually installed the sp by putting xp_ndo.dll in the binn folder and adding it once as xp_ndo_enumusergroups and then as xp_ndo_enumuserids and then giving public execute permission to both ( did this in Databases-> System Databases → Master → Programmability → Extended stored procedures. (PS I know that the xp_ndo_enumusergroups should not be necessary, but I do have some older databases too, and I tried with and without).

The only thing I did, was I installed NAV on the server machine, then un-installed it. The uninstall seemed to completely remove all traces of the stored procedures. So I went and manually reinstalled them but they don’t work.

My first guess is that during NAV installation, that it tried to install the MSDE and that maybe the folders are confused, but I really am lost.

2/ This machine is a Win2003 64 server. SQL 64 Standard edition. Its a real server, with a Brand new install of OS and SQL. I had installed NAV 5.00 SP1 and run the Cronus native DB to test the install. I manually installed the sp by putting xp_ndo_x64.dll in the binn folder and adding it a described above.

This one just does not work. And in fact it was going back to the machine 1, to see how it was configured, that I found that Machine 1 was dead.

the whole thing is strange, because there is no connection between the two machines, the only thing in common, was that I looked at the test machine to compare settings, and realized pretty quick that the uninstall of NAV had removed the SPs. And even weirder I have never had a problem with the DLL before ever. I must be just brain dead right now and am forgetting some stupidly obvious thing.


Message to self . 5.00pm Friday = turn off computer.

xp_ndo_enumuserids → xp_ndo_enumusersids

that “S” makes a huge difference. [:$]


Thanks for the help. I have installed and uninstalled NAV 5 about 5 times on various servers at our location over the last 3 months without issue. Then, this week, I was setting up a new development server and could not authenticate. I checked and checked, uninstalled, reinstalled. Still, no-go. [*-)]

Then saw your comment on the obvious and “whala!”. I guess the mind sees what it wants.

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Glad it helped.

Now I always copy paste instead of typing it. Ha Ha and its again 5 pm Friday.