NAV and Crystal Server XI

We have just gone live with NAV 4.03 on MS SQL 2005 using AD users for security and for a single log on.

I have been using Crystal Reports for several years, but have no experience with creating NAV reports. I am “playing” with creating reports in NAV but in the mean time I have written a few reports in 11 that we host on Crystal XI Server.

Each user is required to log into Crystal Reports XI Server but when they run a NAV report they are asked for another log in, their NAV login.

Does anyone have experience with NAV and Crystal XI Reports? How can I setup the report with a log in to NAV so users are not asked for another log in when running a report from Crystal XI Server?


Are you logging in using windows or sql authenication.

Also what authenication method do you do on Crystal reports?

For NAV we are using Windows AD for authentication, thus no login screen appears to the users.

For the Crystal Server its web based and each user has a username to authenticate with.

I should also note that once prompted by Crystal Server XI the authentication fails and users cannot view the reports. I can view the directly in the Crystal Report application but via the web interface Crystal Server XI does not authenticate users to the NAV MS SQL database.

I have tried to test both the full username (domain\username) and just the username niether have worked.

I’ve got it figured out, there is a setting on the Crystal Server XI that allows me to set the database login credentials, as far as I know now this has to be done for each report put on the server.

nav users just get the public role on sql. In order to query any tables, you have to give them dbreader role in enterprise manager.