NAV and AD security Groups

IS there a way to add an AD security Group to NAV instead of having to add 100+ ppl individually with the same role.

If not what is the best way to add a large number of users to nav

Hi Sean,

Yes. You can use the Extended Security model available in the Alter Database.

I am not sure what Erik means. As using AD groups as far as i am aware have nothing to do with using the standard or enhanced security model?

You can simply add the AD groups under the windowslogins and give them the roles you want. This is undependant of whether you are using a SQL or Native database. And this is the best way of adding large numbers of users to NAV.


I attempted to do this, it took the AD security Group as a windows login,but when i synced it took a fraction of a second, and when i tested it with a user in that group it didnt work. I dont know if i am missing something… I added the AD security group like i would a standard user… gave them perms… and then tested, with no luck

I read to go to alter database–options, and then click single user… then… under alter database-- advanced-- and then change the security model to standard…

Any suggestions?

I have experienced that it takes some time for things to get synchronized when you are doing changes in the AD. usually things will work after 30 minutes to an hour.

I am not an AD expert so i don’t know why it takes this long but it seems to be the case. So try again and see if you can log in with the user in the AD security group now?

In regards to changing the security model i think it would be fine to change it to standard unless something specific demands that you leave it at enhanced. Most databases i see with enhanced is not per choice but because it is the default value [:)]

But as stated above this has no influence on whether or not your AD security group will work - it just makes your life easier when synchronizing the user rights!

I changed the security model on our test database and logged in as the test user that i assigned to the AD group, and it worked !! I will have to get with our partner and make sure changing the security model was not set to enhanced for a specific reason.


This makes my “life easier when syncing user rights” is this because i do not have to resync every time i do a role change. it seems that now i can not just sync one user

If you follow the link in Eriks post you can read more about it. But basically the problem with the enhanced security model is that it takes forever to finish sometimes depending on server and number of users. The standard model is fast and hence you can sync all users everytime you need to.

Thanks for all the help!!