NAV Add-On Soution Catalog?

I’ve seen the list on this website of NAV add-on solutions (which is very helpful) but I’ve also been told that Microsoft publishes some type of official catalog of ISV solutions. I have seen one published by Microsoft online, but it dates back to 2006. Is anyone aware of where and how to get the newer version?



Will be good if you can find the same with MS partner.

It was so. MS redesigns it’s websites regularly, every now and then when I myself needed to check this catalog, I spent some time googling and always found it in just another place and/or under another naming than earlier [:@]

NOW I could find only this one: Search the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace for partner add-on solutions

Generally, your Partner can help, too. In any given country only a small subset of all existing add-ons are available, but Partners should have the info.

Thanks, Modris. I think you are right. This is the current location where Microsoft publishes information about NAV add-ons. I appreciate your response.