Nav 5 on Windows 2000

Is it possible to instal the navision client on a Windows 2000 server? The instalation says it must be Xp or 2003, I understand it is only officially supported on this but…



here is a tip from

Thank you it worked and on a Terminal Server as well.

FYI also used regsvr32 to register NSObjectXProxy.dll; ROTAccess.dll; NSAppHandler.dll;Msmapi32.ocx;and Ntimer.dll.

Will search both sites next time!

I just used Orca to edit the LaunchConditions in the MSI installer so it doesn’t check your OS. Then it installs 100% using the installer.

I assume I can follow the same process for windows 2000 workstation addtionally Windows 2000 server?


I guess so.