NAV 5 Integration with third party SaaS application


Integration between CaseFlo case management system and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.

The primary objective is to identify integration requirements and ensure ease of integration. The CaseFlo will be delivered as Software as a Service by the vendor, while Dynamics NAV is an in-house system which will serve as a repository for the CaseFlo billing data.


  1. How should I start the requirement gathering process?

  2. can someone please send me some sample questions for integration requirement gathering session?

Thank you.


From an integration perspective, I would want to know the following about the SaaS platform:

  • How will you integrate with the CaseFlo system? Web-Services (SOAP), Xml, RESTful interface, EDI, flat-file and over which protocol (HTTP, FTP etc.)?
  • What messages are to be exchanged and are sample schemas/messages available for reference?
  • How do these messages relate to NAV data-structures? will there be a requirement to transform from their format into your NAV format?
  • How are you notified about new messages? do you have to poll them, or will they send a ‘notification’ message to you?
  • How do you authenticate with the platform? How does the platform provide message reliability?
  • Will you need to apply workflow and/or business rules to the data retrieved from the platform?

These questions should give you a fair understanding of the platform and the integration challenges you are likely to encounter.

If you require any further help, PM me or leave a further comment.

Kind rgds, Nick.