Nav 5.1 WSDL

Does anyone know if the 5.1 wsdl has been released anywhere? I’m dying to get my hands on it.

Because Nav 5.1 was not released yet, there is no documents or anything about this version…

does anyone know when will it be launched? how about nav 5.0? is it ok or better the nav 4.x?

The release date of NAV 5.1 was postponed to year 2008 (I am not sure but to something like 2Q 2007).

Of course, NAV 5.0 has some new features you can use for better system (Excel/Word connection, linking documents to records, new C/AL commands etc. - see some blogs or posts about the new features)

My company is planning to use new setup for 2008

i thought its better we use Nav 5.0

what do you think?

If the 5.0 is released in your country (I assume that yes… :-)) it is better to use most recent stable version.