NAV 5.1 on SQL named instance

I did try to move our NAV SQL database from the deafult instance to a named instance. I needed to change the TCPIP port on that instance because 1433 already is occupied by the default instance. I can connect remote to the database with SQL server manager but unfortunattely I can’t make NAV Cside client to open the database in navision. Using a shortcut I only can define NETTYPE but not specify the portnumber. Strangely enough I can use the Named Pipes definition and it connects allright (when manually changing the protocol in the “Open database window” because for some reason the NETTYPE parameter in the shortcut isn’t handled, Has something to do with the Fin.zup file, but not sure what). Could need some help (desperately) here.

It doesn’t need to know the port number. Enter the instance name as the server, and if your SQL Server instance is set up to accept remote connections, and your DNS knows where to find the server, it should find it.

Thnx for your relpy. Unfortunately for some reason I really need to add the port number to the sqlserver instance name (don’t ask me why!) I already checked your suggestions and a\all were correct. (how could I otherwise connect through named pipes :slight_smile:

However I came up with a solution. I did define a static port addresse in the instance’s TCP protocol and did put that in the shortcut by using quotation marks (servername=“SQL\Instance, 1434”). And it works!

Glad you made that work. I still don’t think the port number is necessary. If you have INSTANCE1 on port x, and INSTANCE2 on port y, then you can simply connect to servername=INSTANCE1 and servername=INSTANCE2. I’m pretty sure I used to have different versions of SQL Server installed at the same time under different instance names and I don’t remember ever having to specify the port number.

I would have expected the syntax to : with a : not a ,

Whenever I’ve had multiple SQL instances on the same machine we just entered “Server\Instance” as the server name when opening the database. Worked just fine.

I know that it should work that way, but in my case it just doesn’t.