NAV 5.1 on a three tier architecture - Can you really inherit all the Navision business logic from a third party application ?

Is it true that all the business logic in NAV 5.1 will be exposable as web services ?

ie : let’s say that I’ve got the following business rule implemented in a function in Navision :

PseudoCode :
→ DeliveryDate cannot be less than TODAY + Warehouse outbound time + shipping time + 2 days of security

Can I expose this function as a web service so I don’t have to recode this business rule in our (custom written) B2B web site

Right now implementing such a B2B web site will means rewritting all our business rules in the B2B web site, and when a new business rule is created/modifed/deleted in Navision the same modification would need to be performed on the B2B web site.

Is it also possible to get access to more advances function such as price management,
so that the web service return the same price as Navision would give you if you enter a manual sales order

short answer, Yes.

There is video on mibuso that shows and talks about it. I suggest downloading it and view it.