NAV 5.01 - Analysis Reports/Analysis Types


I have a customer requesting to add Analysis Types for use in the Analysis Reports (Sales). I would like to create a code f.ex In Order with Value Type= Qty, and Item Ledger Entry Type = Qty in Sales Order (field from the Item card). And also add a similar code for Purchase (Qty in Purchase order).

Anyone know how I can create this? Or is it simply not possible??[*-)]

(To see other codes: Sales & Marketing/Analysis & Reporting/Setup/Analysis types)


These setups are rather clumsy - but in short, if you’ll try to enter unallowed combination, a message will pop up, saying either no value is accepted at all or a list of valid values will be shown.

If you can’t gain the result you need, even a modfication would not help, as this Analysis reports thingie is complicated enough not to tamper with it.

Besides*,* Qty in Sales Order is a calculated field itself, and as such can’t be used by definition.