NAV 5.0

Does anyone have or know of anything that describes the changes in 5.0 vs 4.0?


  • Bob

There is a lot of informatino about concerning ver 5.0. In about 10 days time will be Convergence, and a lot of the rumours will be either verified or squashed. I will be at Ocnvergence, and will be regularly updating my Blog as and when we get confirmation as to what wil and what will not be in the next version. Though really I think 5.0 is not what you want to know about, since there will be virtually no changes from 4.00 to 5.00. the really big changes will come in verion 5.10

Thanks David,

We have been in the process of finding a new ERP to replace the one we have now and Navision is the front runner by far. With that being said I only know the so called marketing information on NAV 4.0. However, someone mentioned to our upper management that there was a version 5.0 coming out in 07 so they have asked me to evaluate the changes.

Even if 5.0 comes out before we implement we will not be installing 5.0 out of the gate since it is new software, I just need to know what will be the main differences between the two.

If you have any info it would be helpful, and I will be watching your blog since I will not be at Convergence.

  • Bob

True, Patience is a virtue.

The Convergence will have a lot of stuff out there that will display 5.0 new features and differences from 4.0.

Remember they usually have the video conferences available for play.
Most forums place them as well for us to view them.

But usually someone somewhere does link out a few things a week before Navision tells us.

Hi Bob,

sorry I have not updated my blog with this info, I had a few problems getting back from Tech ED, and I am very much behind right now. I will get it updated soon though.

HI Bob,

we now have 5.00 take a look at my blog from informatino about it


There is a portal in Microsoft Partnersource whereby u can download manuals and technical whitepapers on NAV 5.0. Some new features on NAV5.0:

document approval, online map, changes in average costing, changes in job costing,etc

As what David had pointed out, the real change comes in NAV 5.10 whereby it would be role-based, 3-tier architecture.



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