NAV 5.0 Upgrade


what is the best way to upgarde NAV 5.0 customized to NAV 5.0 SP1.

Is Developer Toolkit Toolkit support NAV 5 version?

The best way is to follow the Upgrade description as provided with the toolkit.

If you have more detailed questions you should ask.

NDT is supporting 5.0

Hi Thomas

Thanks for your reply.

I have to upgrade the NAV 5.0 Db in to 5.0 SP1.

Now i want to open a Blank 5.0 database in Developer tooklit…which i am not able to open.

Developer toolkit ver is 2.0 sp3.

can u please tell me what other objects i need to import in to to open .

or i am missing some thing.

please tell me the steps for it.

Just my personal opinion, use the Mergetool ( instead of NDT.

It’s much better and faster, and everything is done inside Navision.