NAV 5.0 SP1: Virtual Table - Cannot return Sales Amount (Actual) (CK-NAV 29-DEC-2009)

Hi Everyone,

Here’s my problem with a report:

For each Sales Shipment Line record, I am using a virtual table to link to Item Ledger Entry by Document No. and Item No. to get the following fields:

  • Lot No.
  • External Document No
  • Sales Amount (Actual)

The Lot No. and External Document No are retrieved correctly. The Sales Amount (Actual) comes as zero. The idea is to sum up the Sales Amount (Actual) by Item/Document No./Lot No. on a summary report.

Can anyone point me in the right direction.



you need to put Calcfields(“Sales amount (actual)”) in the section where the report picks the data item.

From what you say about using a “virtual table”, it sounds like the Item Ledger Entry data you’re getting is done with filters and a record variable. If that’s the case, after you get the record do

ItemLedgerEntry.CALCFIELDS(“Sales Amount (Actual)”);

This field is a FlowField and will show 0 until it is calculated in some manner.