NAV 5.0 SP1 Server 2008 SQL2008 x64 64 bit

Hi All,

we have just upgraded test database to Server & SQL 2008 64 bit.

When we synchronise all logins it says “user xxxx does not exist in the NAV database” and errors out. When I find this user and sinchronise single login it is fine.

Any suggestions?

Does this happen for windows or database users?

In an older version of Nav I worked with, I found some windows logins were difficult to syncronise - we thought it was case sensitivity issue although we never fully proved it.

Hi All, this issue happens with Windows Logins (sorry assumed that), I haven’t tested it with DB logins.

What happens is that the first time it errors for one user, then if I run it again for another user. This seemed weird to me that it was always a different user, so I persisted. I ended doing it about 10 times and then it seemed to continue without errors. Then I synchronised again to check and no more errors.

I can’t understand why this happened, and I am lucky that I didn’t have to do it 200 times for each user. I am still not happy with this though as it is only a lucky work-around.

Which “Security Model” are you using? (I recommend using “Standard” security)


why do you recommend that?

Switch to “Standard” security model and all will be fine.

To avoid problems like the one you have.

Do you have any reason for using enhanced?

Hi David,

thanks for your response. I was wondering if you could be a little more specific rather than ‘to avoid issues’. :slight_smile:

With Standard you can not synchronise a single login, you can only synchronise all. Also enhanced is more stringent in that you need to add the user specifically (which can be good in large companies) rather than just the group. Enhanced also means that you can add ‘ALL’ role to the group and only need to add specific permissions to the users (not really a benefit, but with many users this can save a little time). Enhanced is also linked more tightly with active directory.

What this all could mean is that the integration with active directory is not actually all that crash hot, which is causing this issue and possibly even other issues like adding a user in NAV and synchronising yet the user is still not able to login?

Have you got any specifics please on your suggestion above?

Many thanks Dave! :slight_smile:

Also, the resolution was to ignore the error for about 5 times of repeating the process then it finally all went through.

Also, this never happened before the upgrade to Server 2008. Would that show then that the changes in AD for 2008 are not supported by NAV.