Nav 5.0 SP1 Random app hangs in production network


Have a small office here with Navison Running 2008 R2 server with SQL 2005 and all users on Win 7 64bit.

We have some users experience delays when login to Nav (Windows authentication, Domain accounts with all 2008 R2 DCs and 2008 Domain).

It seems to affect certain users for a few days and then disappears. There is no pattern to who it affects, most people have reported the issue.

The only thing I have found is in a users’ PC now that has the issue, there is a finsql.exe application hang error in the logs.

There is no more information about it though.

Has anyone seen a similar issue?

I have contacted Nav support and they keep saying that is a netbios issue, but have given no evidence for it, it just seems like they are just blaming it on network issues.