Nav 5.0(SP1) Menusuite objects user permissions

I maintain the Nav DB and make minor changes like give user permissions, reset passwords…the very basic.

Is there a way to restrict users from making changes to the Menusuite Object Setup → General Ledger Setup. I have users that have Role ID: ALL, SUPER & SUPER (DATA) and I want to restrict those users from changing the “Allow Posting From/To” dates. If someone can provide a step by step solution on how i can restrict access to this object that would be great. Thanks!


You need to design the roles or look at the standard roles & permissions given by standard Navision.

You should not give SUPER role to users .

Hi Cruz,

First: Don’t provide the SUPER and SUPER(DATA) roles to users. If you provide these roles, users have all the permissions in Navision. Check the system existing roles whether these can fulfil your requirement or you need to create new roles for users to restrict.

Second: You can make the above mentioned fields on General Ledger setup form Un-Editable. Using this way, no-one can modify these fields. But if you want to change these, you need to make these editable first and then do the changes. Also, you can make the whole form Un-Editable.

Hope this will help you.