NAV 5.0 SP1: Cannot get report to SUM automatically (CK-NAV 31-DEC-2009)

Hi Everyone,

I am having a problem summarizing data in the Lot No. level/section. Please see the structure of the report below.

At the Lot No. section the report show two rows with the same Lot No. repeated but different quantities.

I want it to combine the two Lot No.'s to show one lot no. with the summed quantity.


  • Qty on Hand
  • Qty on PO
  • Qty on SO
  • Qty Available

Rows (With Level Summaries):



---------Lot No


  • Item
  • Item Ledger Entry (Location)
  • Item Ledger Entry (Lot No.)


  • Item No.
  • Location Code
  • Lot No.

Please assist.



Hi Chris,

If I understand it correctly then in the Item Ledger Entry (Lot No.) dataitem use the Lot No. key on the Item Ledger Entry. Use the Lot No. as a grouping field and total the value (should be able to use the TotalsFields & GrouptotalFields properties). Then print in the Section GroupFooter of the dataitem