NAV 5.0 SP1 - BOM Setup for Items where Qty and Value of Assemblies are inversely related - (CK-NAV 29-May-2009)

Hi Everyone,

I am working on revising a BOM for an Item where:

A is purchased and broken down to produce B and C

If the value of A is $1 and the Qty is 1KG then:

The resulting Qty of B is 0.6KG and the value is $0.10

The resulting Qty of C is 0.4KG and value is $0.90

How can we best respresent this in a NAV Bill of Material.



You mean you need to display the qtys + Cost for the ingerdients

There is something, it may help you , if you make production order for A .

OR GO TO Line —> componens → and show the cost amount …> it will show you the cost of B and C .

Check also F9 on each production order …

OR you need a report to diplay for you the ingredients + costs .

hoping i could help

Actually it is DISassembly, say, you buy a salmon, take out caviar and here comes that 40% of mass is 90% of money.
Your product(s) are components of BOM, vice versa than “normal” production, where components are materials, and BOM is the product (or component of next level BOM).

It (might?) be solved in such a way: (hey, programmers, here is FRD, your turn, - I’m consultant [:(] only)

You set up Items A, B, C first, each with base UoM 1 kg;
For Item A set up BOM of two Items B - Qty per = 0.6 and C Qty per = 0.4

There of course is no place for Cost and can’t be - as it is designed for Assembling, not DISassembling.

If you enter now Item A in Purchase Order and Explode BOM, Qty is splitted according to settings, BUT Unit cost is lost - maybe a modification in Exploding can do the job…