NAV 5.0 Precision/Rounding - How do I get the unit cost to show up in 5 decimal places on a PO line (CK-NAV 09-Sep-2008)

Hi Guys,

An Item has a unit cost that has 5 decimal places. When I enter this item as a line in a PO the Direct Unit Cost Excl. Tax has 3 decimal places. I would like this column to show in 5 decimal place in the PO.

This rounding/precision can cause problems if the quantity is high. and I do not want to have users doing manual entries of the unit cost into the PO. How can I get this to work without affecting anything else in the system?

I have tried changing the Unit-Amount Rounding Precision but this does not seem to fix this problem.



In General Ledger Setup change Unit-Amount Decimal Places

In NAV 5.0 SP1, I do not have the menu you suggested. I checked the section descibed below.

Finance Management > Setup > General Ledger Setup > Unit-Amount Decimal Places



Open table directly in Object designer or add to form to see table. Probally field isn’t visible.

I checked the design of the purchase line table, and there DecimalPlaces property is undefined, so I do not think that is the problem. However, I just noticed after changing the Unit Amount Rounding Precision field in the Financial Management > Setup > General > Currencies window, from 0.001 to 0.00001, the unit price shows in 5 dec places in the PO report but not in the PO form. My customer feels better about this but would still love to see 5 dec places on the purchase order subform.