NAV 5.0 - Item Availability - Inventory item not available for Sale but is On-hand - (CK-NAV 01-Sep-2009)

Hi Everyone,

The Item in question is a Finished Good that is normally produced through a Production Order at which point it is assigned a Lot No. for tracking.

A Positive Inventory Adjustment was processed for the same Item/Lot/Location/Qty at Standard Cost. The Adjustment was posted to the GL. The Qty-on-Hand is now 1.

The Item is then added onto a Sales Order Line for Shipment and Invoicing. When assigning the Lot No. using the Item Tracking Lines, I get the Availability Warning Message that Total Available Qty is -1.

I am not able to correct this with a Negative Inventory Adjustment because when I assign a Lot No. I get the same availability message.

Kindly help me understand why this is happening and how I can resolve the problem.



This will be because according to the rules of Navision the item is not available.

I suggest you remove all transactions against that lot number, any purchase returns, sales orders, transfer orders, consumption journals - basically anything that makes the item unavailable.

Navision believes it is not avaialble to you, so it is not. You need to investigate where the system believes teh item is required, then remove it so it can be shipped on your sales order.

Look at the item availability screen, look at the reservations, start investigating what is pulling the item.