NAV 5.0 how to set up Charts Of Accounts?


Where can i find some sort of help of how to set up charts of accounts?

Would like to learn that from scratch i.e. what to set up firstly ect…




If you want to learn how to setup the chart of accounts from scratch, then I would suggest you that you take a course at your local collage in accounting. This is not really a task which should be done by the developer, but by the company’s accountant together with their auditor. In many countries there are very strict government rules for setting up COA, and if you dont know these rules then your setup is not legal. When you understand this and you’re able to create a basic COA (not using a computer), then you can take the next step.

You have to see the COA as the foundation of all other functions in Navision. Almost everything starts or ends here. So now you take the COA you created above and starts entering it into the Chart of Account table in Navision. The next thing that comes up now is that you must make sure that your COA is matching with the specific requirements form Dynamics NAV. That means that your posting groups must be setup so that they posts to the accounts in your COA. Again not an easy task. You shoud definitly also take the Financial Management certification for Navision before doing this for a customer.