NAV 5.0 & E-Ship 3rd Party International Shipments


We ship many packages to Canada via UPS 3rd party accounts. According to E-Ship there is an additional check box for 3rd party international shipments required for UPS shipments.

We have not found a place on the Customer 3rd party shipping account card to add this field, nor is the field easily available to the shippers when shipping the package (you have to view the package and manually check the field on every order). This is not overly onerous because all our UPS shipments are 3rd party, except E-Ship does not make the Ship-To Country field available to the shipper on Pack Line Scanning so that they know this is an international 3rd party UPS shipment.

Can this international 3rd party field be available on the customer 3rd party account card, and/or the ship-to country be made available on the E-ship pack line scanning form?