NAV 5.0 Deleting a Company

I have select File Company delete & confirmed that I want to delete company however the process is still running after an hour … is this normal? The compnay when backed up is about 4 gb.

… still running 2 hours later!!

What Security Model are you running?

I have never seen it so slow on the native database, but on a rather slow SQL database I saw it many times! :frowning: But Tvis is right it depends on the security model. Also you should make sure that no users are online when you do this (change the database to single user).

Thanks I shall check the security and try again.

many thanks

Just to elaborate: In my experience the Enhanced Security Model is a showstopper when it comes to renaming companies and deleting companies not to mention the synchronizing of users which is just plain hopeless!

To speed things up I always prefer to use the Standard Security Model and when renaming and deleting set the database in single user mode as that speeds things up considerably (It makes the difference between taking minutes to rename a company in a 20 gb database and using hours for the same renaming action!).

It seems that in Nav 2009 SP1 renaming of companies takes a lot less time than in the earlier versions. I don’t know if anyone can confirm this change as i haven’t seen any documentation on this change!?