'NAV 5.0 C/SIDE Solution Development' certification

Hello everybody!

I’m supposed to make the certification ‘MB7-516 - NAV 5.0 C/SIDE Solution Development’, and am relatively new in NAV.
I don’t know surely how I should properly prepare for it.

What you think of products, as offered here:

Can I prepare for the exam at all successfully, without preliminary certifications, like ‘MB7-514 - NAV 5.0 C/SIDE Introduction’? Or do I have to make this exam first?

I am glad about your tips!


If you just want to pass the exam - with no value for yourself and your company then it is a good choice.
Anyway I would expect you to learn the stuff (programming in NAV) and then go for your exam.

The “product” offered here is just a set of questions and answers with no intellectual value. You are just cheating your company by buying this. It is not a course where you learn anything.

Thank you!

Well, I don’t think that someone can even pass the exam after such “training”…

…but the owners of the site have seriously tried to fool their potential clients - the site is rather well-designed, leaving a feeling that everything is very serious and trustworthy. They have had good lawyers, too - if you read carefully the conditions for money refund in case of not passing the exam, you can see that its practically impossible.

The worst thing is, that many people all over the world rely on such offers and pay money for nothing, thus giving profit to such fraudulent companies.


Well, we are everyday in situation of training and readiness, and yes it is possible to pass Microsoft (not only dynamics and also other software vendors) exams by using “brain dumps”

Some of them really 1:1 the real questions set from original exam

But the real question is what your target is:

Many of partners over the world did the exams because Microsoft sets the requirement to pass some of them.

My opinion is:

If your target is to learn something new and try the exam to test and qualify your knowledge, you should do training, and perhaps this depends, make some self study with courseware and/or with a braindump.

The advantages of the exams are that you also have to learn some topics which you will not need every business day, but it is helpful to know it.

And I can ensure you; the exams are getting better and better since the first versions in the last years were released.

So what about “brain dumps”:

Sorry guys,

If someone is only interested in to pass the exam, yes it will be possible to do it without training or workshop, but if this someone is later in a situation which requires the knowledge and not only the official confirmation, he or she will have a problem.

So if you want to pass the exam are sure you have the knowledge. Then you will get it, with or without brain dump.

Microsoft also supports professional in testing their knowledge by offers a free second shot if the first attempt wasn’t successfully. This is, what can be helpful if you are not familiar with the topics or with multiple choice exams. (ask your local CPLS for free “discounted and second shot voucher” related to a training)

Prepare, try the first attempt – did not pass? – prepare again – pass




Its really true - when I went for my first NAV exam in 2003, I passed it only in 3rd attempt, but I had already been working as implementation PM for 2 years before that…

Where I failed then was these “check one of…” questions. There were rather many questions, where more than one answer was actually correct, but you had to choose the variant given in manual - others were treated as error.

Nothing to say about questions in Financial exam of type “What Manufacturing is in Navision? 1.Perfect 2.Agile 3.Cool…” If you didn’t happen to see MS marketing factsheets, how could you know the correct answer is “Agile” ?? So the opposite is correct, too - not only passing exams doesn’t neccesarily mean you know NAV, but, if you even know NAV, that doesn’t meen you can easily pass the exam :slight_smile:

This was in exams for v3.1 & 3.6 - now the latest versions are more close to real life and more tehnical/functional than marketing & sales.

The biggest point being that your PRIMARY source of knowledge when studying for the exams is the training materials and real life experience. There are quite a few people in here that are certified up to their eyeballs by way of memorizing exam questions, and that is absolutely the wrong way to get certified.