NAV 5.0 administration

Hi NAV users,

Im new to dynamics NAV … What are the responsibilities of an administrator in NAV… What are the things

to do such as performance tuning etc… I need ur Valuable suggestion …

Welcome to NAV !!

Simply put…you are the driver of NAV in your organization…and they expect you to drive it perfectly, securely and efficiently.

Usual administrator task include user management, access control, security, tuning, batch scheduling, data clean up, logging, etc…

further, administrator’s tasks depends on the setup of the organization…if there is no dba, then database administrative activities such as backup, storage management, etc will be included. You may even be asked to take care of servers.

they may expect you to perform customizations and some development specially reports, data ports, etc.

Hi Minister,

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The earlier post has already described the activities of an administrator.

You should know/ learn the report, form and dataport designing. And you have joined the right forum for this, feel free to post your queries here.

Thanks Siddique for the reply … Need ur help n long term