NAV 4 - Change Log entries screen


How can I setup the “Change Log” option to always see the " Value" of the Table Name when looking in the Change Log Entries screen?

Exemple: I have activate the change log setup with table Vendor all field activated for modification. However I want to see always the name of the vendor even if the modification was done on Address field.


Just my fifty cents as an outsider on this subject:

I don’t think this a easy job, or should I say: something you should not want. The Change Log displays the field that has been changed (i.e. Field No./Field Name and the value changes of that field) and the context of that field being:

  • the table it belongs to (i.e. Table No. and Table Name )
  • the relevant record, identified by it’s Primary Key, i.e. the field that make up the PK and their values

This is generic info the system can provide for each changed record. Any other field like the Name (or Description) field is not generic, i.e. not all records (tables) have this field and even if they have it their is no guarantee that you know which field (i.e. with what id) this will be.

This would be a simple matter of adding a function to the change log entry table that returns to info you desire. The function would be based on a CASE statement triggered on the Table No. field. You would need to handle each table that you setup in the log.

Sounds easy, but tedious for tables …

Depends on how many tables you are tracking. Most places that I have used change log only between 20 to 30 tables on average are being tracked. Some less a a few more. But I’d say the high side is 50 tables. We’re not talking complex code here