NAV 4.03 when posting invoices, out of sequence invoice number assigned

Sometimes when I post invoices the invoice numbers do not go in chronological order.

99% of them do, then about maybe once a week Navision throws in some old odd ball invoice number.

Not sure why.

Example of most recent invoice posting;






Thank you


In which table are looking?

Hi - I am a new user to NAV and was not looking in a table per se. This occurs when we process the invoices, when you post the invoice number is assigned and generally they are in sequential order but randomly , an out of sequence number will be assigned. This has not seemed to cause us any issues but the auditor asked why it was happening and we dont understand what causes it or if we need to be concerned about it .

When you make the first attempt to post an invoice, Navision assigns the next sequential invoice number and commits this to the Sales Heasder record for the Order/Invoice. If during posting, an error occurs, e.g. the posting date is out of your allowed range, the invoice is not posted, but the number, logically must be kept, so the next invoice you post will appear to be out of sequence.

This is standard Navision.

Hi David- Thanks for the reply. To clarify, in my example above the numbers being assigned were 17864,17865,17866 (seq) then 178466 (out of sequence AND an earlier number) - so are you indicating the 178466 was applied at some time earlier during a prior invoicing attempt? We have not noticed this to be the case but maybe the posting process had been inadvertently initiated then aborted without us realizing?

Yes David is right. This is the ONLY logical reason if the posting routine has not specifically been changed to not to work this way.