NAV 4.00 SP0 - User's Navigation Pane

We are running 4.00 on Terminal Server 2003.

One user, and only one user cannot see the Standard Cost Worksheets (the item is not dispalyed) in the Purchasing Menu and the Manufacturing Menu.

This user has the same permissions as other users and these include permissions to the Cost Worksheet tables.

This user is left-handed and has swapped the buttons on the mouse!



Use the standard right mouse (or left in this case[8-)]) and select show in the purchasing menu - have they hidden it?

I tried that (including the confusing myself with the buttons) but without success (no entries in the list)

I also tried deleting the zup file, again without success.

Now my head hurts [:S]

UserMenu settings in 4.0 are in User Level Menu table (2000000061) and they are set per user in a BLOB field.


Is it possible to edit that field with any tools etc…

Checked and tested in our QA datbase.

Deleted the records for the user - all options now visible.

Thank you.